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The overall purpose of this book is to reveal the process involved in overcoming a that you too are victorious as well. This book is about conquering physical, mental, financial, spiritual, emotional abuse.

Camille is here to help everyone. Whether you are a first-timer starting your spiritual journey, your role and experiences leading to spiritual development, family roles and relationships, our responsibility to make a societal change, we all learn to understand ourselves and each other. Everyone uniquely experiences their own awakening.

Camille’s goal in writing her book is to share past experiences and how her knowledge helped her with emotional, mental growth and development—restoring a feeling of wholeness. The intention is to not in any way hurt her surviving relatives; it is only to finally close chapters of her life, and in doing so, happier chapters have begun to manifest for Camille.

Please note Camille chose to use words relevant to eras; terms such as Colored, Negro, Black, Afro-American, African American are used to reflect various eras from the late 1940s through the present time.


I’m Here for Everyone!

My reason for being is to plant the seeds towards spiritual awakening. Camille believes that we are created equally with spiritual gifts and rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


“May you shout for joy over your victory, and in the name of our God, set up our banners. May the Lord fulfill all your petitions?”


Experience First Pages

For Africa to me… is more than a glamorous fact. It is a historical truth. Noman can know where is going unless he knows exactly where he has beenand exactly how he arrived at his present place – Maya Angelou

In our communities there were colored positive role models such as dentists, doctors, cinemas, a radio station, florist, pharmacists, a police precinct, clothing stores, Colored, Negro water fountains, and bathrooms. We would play together, walk to school and church together, we never had to explain to another, in mid-sentence, our way of speaking because the listener assumes, we are speaking in codes, sentences were never abruptly interrupted with what does that mean?

When the old has to bury the young, the sorrow is immense.

The decisions and choices were made by each adult child, yet I failed to be available for them. The process and feelings of grief and loss were and are insurmountable. I died several times during the transitioning of each adult child. The deaths included the mother-child relationship and bonding. The death of nurturance to each child. The death of each adult child’s transitional period. As my adult children crossed over, died, or made their transition, I became progressively angry, explosive, shut-down, unfeeling, irritated, unfriendly, emotionless, and indignant. There were even bargainingsessions with God.

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Camille Pierce, M.Msc is the author of her memoir, The Violations of a Moral Code. Camille shares experiences of growing up in the Jim Crow south, domestic violence, and childhood sexual trauma. Her healing is attributed to engaging in spiritual practices which restored her emotionally, mentally, resulting in a feeling of wholeness.


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